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TASK moves from the VINTAGE – Online tool for self eValuatIoN of key competences in adulT AGE – Reference: 527349-LLP-1-2012-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP (www.learningcom.it/vintage), an innovative european procedure and tool for the self assessment of key competences in adult age.

The VINTAGE tool and procedure, after one year from the end of the project, are applied at several levels.

The website of the Project record more than 11.605 visitors and more than 127 request of access to the tool by users external to the project partners

vintage web site

The GINCO network, the European wide network of adult education organisations actually running training courses, adopted the VINTAGE tool and procedure


Learning Community, applicant and coordinator of VINTAGE project, of course applies the model and the tool in its training activities. Among the orthers it exploits the tool for the assessment of cultural awareness and expression competences in the course on Cultural heritage


Furthermore the VINTAGE toolo was presented as a good and innovative practice during the the thematic laboratory organized by ISFOL (november 2015) on “Processes of competences’ self evaluation “. It deserves to underlign that the laboratory is part of the Programma for research on Evaluation of Competences in Adult Age of ISFOL connected with the PIIAC results.

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