TASK meets Eure K (PROJET ERASMUS + N ° 2015-1-FR01-KA202- 015,341).

The March 18,in the headquarter of Learning Community in Rome, at once the Vocational Training and Education, the footwear district and secondary school, assessment and self-assessment meet together.

The 8 Key competences and the self-assessment model designed in the VINTAGE project (ONLINE TOOL FOR SELF-EVALUATION OF KEY COMPETENCES IN ADULT AGE Project Number: 527349-LLP-1-2012-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP) www.vintage.euproject.org are the link between the two projects.

TASK intends to develop a tool for the self-assessment of key competences in the secondary school, functional to the certification of Competences coming out from the educational path.

As well Eure K project (2015-2018) aims in fact at the creation of a device for the validation of non-formal and informal learning, in particular, those related to key competences 5) Learning to learn, 6) Civic and social competence, 7) Spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship; 8) Cultural awareness, applied in the shoes production industry. The Polytechnic of footwear (Resource Center of the Industrial District of the Riviera del Brenta Footwear) participates in the Eure K project funded by the Erasmus + program, coordinated by the CNAM (http://international.cnam.fr/valider-et-certifier-les- competences-cles-europeennes-767221.kjsp).

The VINTAGE model offers a modular solution that can be deconstructed to readjust each assessment item to different contexts and therefore lends itself to be transferred, with the appropriate curvatures, to the most diverse sectors. The VINTAGE self-assessment tool (http://learningcom.it/vintage) evaluates all eight key competences, is based on the assessment of an authentic task in a real context, calls into play the self-assessment skills, biographies and awareness ; It is both a method of evaluation and a learning exercise; support the assessment of mastery levels and of the qualities that characterize a performance like the independence, effectiveness, responsibility, flexibility, the ability to implement alternative strategies, awareness, etc; also plays a formative function of orientation, provides immediate feedback, is a valid alternative to closed-ended multiple choice test.

The opportunity is good to thank you Bruno and Chiara Pacquola, representatives of the Polytechnic of footwear (Resource Center of the Industrial District of the Riviera del Brenta Footwear) who came to meet us in Rome, offering us the opportunity to share the analysis carried on TASK and exploit the results achieved with the VINTAGE project.

This meeting confirms the innovative value of the self-assessment model designed and experienced in different sectors.

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