The second Multiplier event of the project TASK was held in Rome the 6 of May hosted by the “Istituto Statale per Sordi”; involving about 30 participants, teachers and head teachers of the secondary schools in the province of Rome.

 Prof. Ivano Spano, representative of the Istituto Statale per Sordi welcomed the event. The autoritative panel of speakers offered a rich view of the possible implications of the TASK project for the daily life in the Schools.

Prof. Rusconi underlined the importance of projects like TASK allowing to carry out educational research on themes so relevant for the school.

Licia Cianfriglia, National Vice President of the national Association of head teachers contextualised the project TASK in the institutional frame and requirements for the competence assessment and certification in the school recalling the legislative iter .

Marco Guspini, Referent of Regional Educational Office of Emilia Romagna, deepened the methodological aspects of evaluation and self evaluation in the school.

Ismene Tramontano, Europass National referent, recalled the link between TASK, and the recent low Ordinanza n. 252 of 2016 on High school diploma requirements for  2015-16 including for the first time the Europass Certificate Supplement.

During the seminar a practical demo of the assessment procedure was offered to participants  willing to take part in the following experimentation pahse.

View the presentations (IT version) shown during the seminar

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