TASK project outputs:

Research: rules, practices, methodologies and tools for the assessment of Key Competences in partner countries.

TASK framework:  methodology, procedure and items for the assessment of Key Competences in school contexts.

TASK Framework experimentation to test the Framework involving lower (ISCED 2) and upper (ISCED 3) secondary school teachers in each participant partner Country IT, FR, TR, ES, BE , to verify its consistence, effectiveness, usability and coherence with the certification tools and formats.

TASK web application, that will supply a logical interactive path for the self-assessment of the Key Competences in the school context, supported by a web interface.

TASK web application experimentation to test the online tool for self assessment of key competences involving lower (ISCED 2) and upper (ISCED 3) secondary school teachers, to verify with their learners its consistence, effectiveness, with students in each participant partner Country IT, FR, TR, ES, BE.

TASK Guidelines: the Guidelines supply a support to the teachers for the adoption of the TASK methodology and procedure.