The tool

What is TASK?

TASK is an online system that helps you to assess, with the support of your teachers, your level in 3 Key Competences:

Communication in mother tongue

Communication in foreign language

Digital competence.

In this page you find information that will guide you in the assessment process; we suggest you to read it before starting.

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What are Key Competences?

How does it work?


The word “assessment” might appear daunting, because it is often associated with the grades and the judgments assigned by the teachers in school. But in this case the protagonist it’s you, observing yourself, and assessing how you are able to do a task.

TASK system offers you a step-by-step guided path, in which you have to choose some options, perform a task, and then assess the quality of your performance.



How to assess yourself: learn more

What is it for?

Assessing Key Competences is a way to make them visible and certifiable in an education and training pathway, or to record them on a Europass document.

Maybe you’ve already heard about Europass: it is composed by five documents to make your skills and qualifications clearly and easily understand in Europe, and that may make it easier to study or work abroad.



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